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The safest way to secure your Skycoin!

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The safest way to secure your Skycoin!

Skywallet allows you to store and manage your Skycoin offline while still earning Coin Hours. It is the ultimate accessory for Skycoin investors, and the most secure way to hold your Skycoin!

Sending and receiving Skycoin is easy with the Skywallet. Setup is done through the Skycoin desktop wallet application and once configured, Skycoin is also sent through the same wallet with all the features like “Advanced send” at your disposal.

Unlike software wallets, the seed phrase that generates your Skycoin address on the Skywallet is never exposed to a computer or the Internet, and is not stored on the device itself. This means the Skywallet is completely private and secure, even if your personal computer or Internet connection is compromised.

With state-of-the-art security features, you can rest knowing that your investment is safe in your Skywallet. The device itself is protected by a PIN code that you select, and even if your Skywallet gets lost, stolen, or destroyed, your Skycoin will always be secure as long as you retain the unique wallet seed phrase.

The Skywallet was made for Skycoin, but a future firmware upgrade will enable you to hold hundreds of coins and tokens on your Skywallet, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Your Skywallet comes with:

  • Skywallet 
  • Micro USB Cable 
  • Seed Card 
  • Skycoin Keychain

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