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Skywallet HDK for developers and crypto enthusiasts!

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Make your favourite token compatible with Skywallet 

The Skywallet HDK (Hardware Development Kit) is the developer-friendly version of the Skywallet hardware that is intended to make it easy to create applications, or integrate other cryptocurrencies and tokens into the Skywallet.

There are several key differences between the Skywallet and the Skywallet HDK that make the HDK easier to use for developers. The Skywallet HDK:

  • Does not have a case around the circuit board
  • Is physically bigger than the small, sleek consumer-facing Skywallet
  • Features larger buttons that are easier to work with
  • Has a 6-pin socket for ST programmer
  • Does not have a pre-flashed bootloader

The primary use of the Skywallet HDK is to build capability into Skywallet to support cryptocurrencies beyond Skycoin and Skycoin Coin Hours. The HDK may also be used to create additional programs that may run on Skywallet. If a developer wishes to use Skywallet as an authentication device, for instance, they can use the HDK to develop that functionality.

All new programs and token compatibilities which are developed on the Skywallet HDK can be submitted to Skycoin for review. If approved, your update will be pushed out to all current Skywallet holders who can opt-in to the new functionality.

If you would like to extend the functionality and capability of Skywallet for all its users, grab a Skywallet HDK and get coding!

Join the Telegram room @SkycoinDevelopers or file an issue on Github if you want to get in touch with the development team.


  • Skywallet HDK
  • Micro USB cable
  • ST-Link cable
  • ST Programmer

Documentation and Codebase

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