• Crypto Projects Contact Emails

    I have compiled and arranged public contact email addresses of 3000+ cryptocurrency projects from various database websites such as ICOBench, CoinMarketCap & EtherScan. Selling the completely updated list as a one-time fee.


    Who is this for?

    • Cryptocurrency Project Developers
    • Marketing Experts
    • Entrepreneurs who wish to collaborate with crypto projects
    • Sales representatives of crypto related platforms


    GDPR SAFE? Yes. These addresses are all available publicly.


    Why should I purchase when I can get them myself? By all means, you can. But it’s just very time-consuming (took me about a few weeks) to search, arrange, test, and compile this list. I searched for something similar to this and there was little to none available out there.


    Over 50+ copies sold with 0 complaints and I update the email addresses on a regular basis – you should be able to deliver your emails to over 90% of the email addresses listed on my database. I check them every 2 weeks and remove any invalid addresses of projects which have diminished.


    ERC20 Projects – Ethereum blockchain based token standard (ERC20) projects

    Coin Projects – Coin with own blockchain projects

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